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I come from a long line of craftsmen. My grandfather was a mason who helped rebuild Italy after World War I. My father, a general contractor, trained me in the fine art of finishing details. Before immigrating to the U.S. in 1999, I co-owned a general construction company, Edil MAC (Manutenzione, Architectura, Contruzioni), where I built homes from the foundation to the finishing touches. After working with various contractors in the Chicagoland and Reno areas, I finally started my own tile installation/fabrication business in 2004.  

My professional experience centers around floor, countertop, and wall tiles and finishes including natural stone and porcelain. My goal with every client is to have them feel they can count on me for their project. I strive to gain their confidence and to be their problem solver. I am dedicated to incomparable quality work and excellent customer care. I do everything from small remodels to high-end custom designs.

Hobbies: I was also an amateur Ducati Monster racer and loved to race out on the Fernley Race Tracks. When I was younger I owned two horses and took endurance rides though the central Italian terrain and mountains. I love my three girls and my beautiful wife. 

Giuseppe Rosi
Cassie Rosi
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